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BeerTools Pro 2.0

Creates and manages digital recipes for beer
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Manage beer brewing information. It generates a database with entries representing separate recipes, supports combinations of several styles, ingredients and inventory items, supports online sharing, creates brewery schedules, compares different recipes, etc.

The app assists you in all stages of beer formulation and brewing. BeerTools Pro is a comprehensive software tool to handle all aspects of beer preparation. It allows you to administer recipes, ingredients, beer styles, and equipment. All that information is stored and managed through the use of internal databases. In addition, the program allows you to download beer recipes from the author's website.

Even though you can download the trial version of this program for free, you will need to register on their website to do it as the trial requires a serial number to work. Its main window is demonstrative and easy to use. It includes a tabular panel on the top side where different information is displayed depending on the category you are working on. The most representative one is certainly "Recipes".

When you run the program for the first time, it takes you automatically to the panel on the right side of the screen to start adding new recipes. To do so, you must provide a recipe's name, an author name, a creation date and a type (which you can select from a large list of clearly identified standard types). You can also specify more technical information, such as the kettle volume at 212 ºF, the evaporation loss, the water volume added, and the efficiency and attenuation percentages, among others. On a similar panel, you will need list the recipe's ingredients, indicating their stage, quantity, and proportion. Ingredients will include grains, extracts, yeast, adjuncts, and others, but the program also provides you with a predefined database of ingredients that you can add to your recipe very easily by dragging and dropping them. Finally, you can put in even more technical information related to the recipe's style, analysis, schedule, and carbonation.

Undoubtedly, BeerTools Pro is a handy and useful application for all beer enthusiasts, both professional and amateur, that requires very low system resources. It is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows available nowadays, including Windows 7. Furthermore, Linux and Macintosh versions are also available.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Nice interface
  • Allows you to download true beer recipes from the author's website
  • Provides a comprehensive list of predefined ingredients for your recipes
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Linux and Macintosh


  • Requires you to register on their website just to use the program's trial version
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